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Stay in School Toolkit

Stay in School Toolkit DVD cover The messages that students receive in school have important influence on whether they stay or drop out before graduating. What they hear and what they choose to accept makes a significant difference in a decision that will affect their future forever.

Studies show that students who do not graduate from high school will earn $16,000 less per year than those who graduate. They will also be more likely to go to jail, rely on public assistance, go without health insurance and have a shorter life span.

The Stay in School Toolkit DVD features interviews of eight people from Eastern and Southern Kentucky who describe what influenced their decisions to stay in school or drop out. They each tell how their decision has affected their life in rural Kentucky.

The Toolkit comes with a discussion guide that addresses the key idea from each of the eight stories. Teachers or facilitators can use questions in the guide to help students explore their own influences and choices.

The Toolkit includes these key ideas:

  • Setting goals
  • Choosing a role model or mentor
  • Building relationships
  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Identifying personal gifts or passions
  • Addressing stereotypes
  • Giving service as a way to grow
  • Breaking a negative cycle
  • Making choices that impact others
  • Developing an attitude of sacrifice and motivation

Released in January 2012, The Stay in School Toolkit and training is now available. For more information, contact Forward in the Fifth.

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