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Strategic Plan

2010-2013 Strategic Plan

To advance education, Forward in the Fifth will:

  1. Identify educational issues in the service area.
    1. Explore topics affecting teaching and learning outcomes.
    2. Generate a list of issues for public discussion.
  2. Engage the community in educational issues through informed decision-making.
    1. Define critical issues for the community.
    2. Invite stakeholders to discuss, debate and address issues.
  3. Advocate for improved quality of life through increased educational attainment.
    1. Research trends influencing decisions and long-term impact on individuals and communities.
    2. Design a marketing campaign to show the correlation between education and quality of life.
    3. Partner with The Center for Rural Development affiliates to improve quality of life by using relevant focus areas and their value (e.g. Forward in the Fifth—education; PRIDE—environment; UNITE—health).
  4. Advance educational progress by implementing quality programs and proven strategies.
    1. Provide opportunities to local schools and communities to become empowered.
    2. Highlight successes in the region to all stakeholders.
    3. Explore new, creative opportunities to engage and change entire education communities.


The Forward in the Fifth Board is currently in process of completing its new strategic plan for 2014 – 17.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.


Energizing students. Empowering communities.


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